Future e-commerce packaging box design trends


In 2021, while striving to maintain a high level of products, major brands will also work harder to establish relationships with customers on an emotional level. Although the trend of packaging design in 2020 has been biased towards minimalist design, in 2021, a variety of design options will be considered to further build this concept.
Usually, when you think of high-value luxury packaging, the first thing that comes to mind is a sturdy gift box. However, whether you are preparing to customize corrugated packaging boxes, cardboard boxes, kraft boxes or other box types, as long as you make reasonable use of the current popular packaging design trends, you can create a high-end shopping experience for you.

As mentioned earlier, the rise of minimalist design in 2020 has greatly swept the entire sales market and has a significant impact on the development trend of the packaging industry. However, in 2021, this trend becomes more targeted, especially in an era that relies on e-commerce.

Any brand can customize the minimalist packaging box to meet the needs of product sales, but the minimalist style packaging box does not require the brand to remove all the luxurious and complex elements in the packaging box one by one. Generally speaking, the most significant feature of a minimalist style product packaging box is that the information displayed on the front of the packaging box is printed around the advantages of the product and the brand. For example: brand logo, product efficacy, uniqueness and so on. Luxurious bronzing, embossing, etc. can also be used in the displayed information.