What Problems Should be Paid Attention to in the Design of Gift Box


1. Pay attention to the appearance, but also pay attention to the content. The focus of packaging design is to carry out derivative design around the product, so we should highlight the characteristics of the product from the packaging, so that consumers can know what is in the packaging box, what are the characteristics, and convey the product information to consumers.


2. The full display of goods can reduce consumers' suspicion of goods. For example, the transparent packaging box with skylight can see the goods inside the box from the outside, so that consumers can clearly see the goods inside.


3. The combination of picture and text is also a very important point. The gift box with only pattern but no text description is not a perfect packaging. For example, food packaging will indicate the production ingredients, origin, production date, shelf life, eating method and so on. Different products will have their own product description, which is to make consumers understand the products more clearly and deeply.


4. Color is also a very important aspect in the custom design of packaging box, because consumers see a variety of different colors at first sight. For example, Wuyuan Huangju tea packaging box uses golden color to represent chrysanthemum, which is a very clever design method to represent a certain commodity.


5. In addition to the above four points, we should also pay attention to the use function of the packing box. A package is not only good-looking, but also has the function of protecting goods. The flashy packaging box can not get the love and support of consumers. Only the combination of design and practicality can truly meet the diversified psychological needs of consumers.