Basic knowledge of choosing the insert of gift box


Packaging boxes are the most important part of gifts. In order to make their products stand out, many brands will design exquisite appearances to attract more users when customizing gift boxes. However, the exquisite packaging appearance is only one of the essential properties of the packaging box. In the process of gift transportation, gift packaging boxes also need to have a certain degree of protection. For expensive and fragile gifts, the brand should consider adding inserts to the box when designing.

The insert of the gift box can add depth to your brand story and help protect your product during transportation and handover. No matter how valuable and fragile the product is, the insert in the box enables the product to be delivered to the customer intact. This is also a low-cost and very effective way to show your focus on user experience.

Although the insert of the gift box can effectively protect the safety of the product, there are many things that need to be paid attention to when customizing the insert:

The number of products that need to be packed in the gift box
The size of each product
Various factors that may cause damage to the gift during transportation
Your brand value
Only after considering the above points, can the insert material and design of the insert structure of the gift box be more targeted.

There are many types of insert, and different insert materials are generally selected according to the specific requirements of the product and the brand. For some fragile gifts, such as glass crafts, ceramic tea sets, skin care products and other fragile items, many brands will choose soft and strong sponges or EVA linings. However, for high-end products such as electronic products and health products, it is mainly necessary to consider the stability and pressure resistance of the insert. For this kind of products, the insert of blister material is usually selected, but now with the increasing popularity of environmentally friendly packaging, In order to demonstrate the brand's environmental protection concept, many brands also use paper-plastic inserts that have similar functions to blister inserts.

Secondly, if you need to pack multiple products in a gift box, you can also design and arrange the structure of the insert according to the number and size of the products, and display them in the most beautiful way in front of users. At the same time, the gifts are reasonably placed. The placing method can also save space and the material cost of the packaging box.

Gift box insert can play a super protective role in product transportation. Of course, there are many things to consider when choosing product packaging box insert material and designing its structure. By understanding the basic knowledge of gift box insert Can make it more targeted.