Why paper bags are becoming more and more popular


For consumers who have been looking for environmentally friendly products, paper bags are an ideal choice. These reusable and recyclable handbags have been popular since the 18th century. At that time, the purpose of handbags was relatively single, mainly for customers to take the products home. Therefore, when customizing handbags, there are only certain requirements for the holding capacity and durability of the handbag. However, at that time, the durability of paper bags was far less than plastic bags, so non-recyclable plastic handbags were still the most popular at the time. Today, with the continuous development of the packaging industry, paper bags have sufficient flexibility and durability, and are functionally sufficient to replace non-degradable plastic bags. At the same time, paper handbags can play a very important role in environmental protection and brand marketing.

The pulp used to produce paper is made from trees, which also makes it easier for paper products to be recycled and used to produce new paper. In addition, paper is very perishable and biodegradable. In addition to being recyclable, it can also be used for composting. All the characteristics of the paper handbag show that it is very environmentally friendly whether it is manufactured, used, recycled, or discarded. It is also in line with today's lifestyle that is all based on environmental protection.

Therefore, it is known that most of the reasons that portable paper bags have become more and more popular today are that they are 100% recyclable, degradable, and reusable, and will not cause any burden on the global environment and wildlife. In addition to the above advantages, compared with plastic materials, the carbon footprint produced in the paper production process is much smaller. Nowadays, many large companies tend to use paper handbags in their promotional activities, product packaging, seminars and brand promotion.

Nowadays, most brands choose paper handbags not only because of its environmental protection features, but also as a convenient advertising medium. Compared with plastic tote bags, paper tote bags are more malleable, regardless of shape, style, craftsmanship, and material can be customized according to needs. High-end handbags can better increase the professionalism of the brand. While enhancing the brand, it can also elevate your business to a new level.

After a customer purchases a product and walks out of the store with a handbag, the logo, text, pattern and color in the handbag can not only attract target users, but also effectively convey the brand and product information to potential customers to help Promote your brand.

The use of paper handbags is very beneficial to the brand. In a broad sense, it can protect the earth's environment from pollution; in a narrow sense, paper gift handbags can act as a brand's marketing tool and enable your brand to compete Maintain a leading position in China. Therefore, this is why paper handbags are becoming more and more popular nowadays.