Paper bag characteristics and commonalities


The purpose of paper bags design is to pursue the rationality of its functions in the behavior of portable goods, while transmitting the information of the goods or displaying a corporate image or displaying a personalized cultural atmosphere. The design requirements for paper bags should be simple, strong, and relatively low cost. The design of patterns should pursue novel, simple, free and avant-garde concepts, and at the same time exert various functions of promotion, dissemination, and display. Paper bags with protective and storage functions are one of the mediums for visually conveying product image.
Handbags mainly refer to commercial paper handbags, plastic handbags, and product packaging accessory handbags, such as "bag"-like printed materials that use different materials, but all serve as installation items and external publicity functions. Handbags have the following commonalities.

1. Design for handbags
The beautifully designed handbags will make you love it. Even if there are eye-catching trademarks or advertisements, customers will be happy to reuse them. It has become one of the most efficient and inexpensive advertising carriers.
2.printing methods for handbags
Offset printing is usually used for paper handbags. Plastic handbags are generally screened and need to be printed and proofed beforehand.
3. Handbags in terms of post-printing processing technology
Paper handbags usually need to go through the process of pasting, punching, and strapping. The post-printing process of plastic handbags is relatively simple.
4.material for handbag
Generally speaking, handbags generally use higher-grade, quality paper, kraft paper or plastic, etc., in order to obtain greater weight and better printing effects.