Reasons for choosing paper packaging boxes for cosmetics


The way cosmetics are packaged is as important as the elements used to make up the actual packaging materials. From the main packaging to the inner support of the box, each composition is very critical. In the market, most of the most common cosmetic packaging materials are paper. Compared with other ordinary packaging materials, the use of paper cosmetic packaging boxes to package products has many additional advantages.

1. Protection
Compared with other materials, the paper packaging box has good load-bearing capacity and compression resistance, and a slight squeeze will not break or deform the cosmetic packaging box. At the same time, the paper packaging box has a very good shading effect, which can provide a cool storage environment for the product to reduce the volatilization and oxidation of the product by the sun.
2. Flexibility
Using paper packaging can provide true flexibility for cosmetic packaging boxes. The cosmetic packaging box structure can be customized into various shapes and sizes according to different needs. In graphic design, various patterns can be printed, and packaging styles suitable for customers can be selected. At the same time, the packaging box can also convey a good image for the brand and improve the recognition of the product.

3. Sustainability
Paper is a renewable resource, a recyclable and reusable packaging material. When the cosmetic packaging box is recycled, it can be reused. The raw materials of many product packaging boxes in the market are made of recycled paper. Nowadays, users are more and more inclined to buy environmentally friendly products. Therefore, choosing paper packaging boxes will also have a certain impact on product sales and brand image.

4. High cost performance
Because the raw materials of many packaging cartons in the market are made from recycled paper. Therefore, its purchase cost will be lower than that of ordinary cosmetic packaging boxes. Moreover, the flexibility of the paper packaging box is very good, so the production will be relatively simple, and it also saves the production cost of the packaging box.